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Damsels in Design & ClosetDash Collect 600lbs+ of Donations

November 5, 2012

New Yorkers experienced a whirlwind of emotions this past week. From being helpless and tired to scared and angry, residents everywhere were affected by Hurricane Sandy. At Damsels in Design, our hearts go out to the victims in the most damaged areas including those in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey. Although many of our members were spared the loss of power and other effects of the storm, others were not so fortunate. We would like to take this opportunity to send our well wishes and blessings to the families who are still dealing with the aftermath. The effects will be felt for a long time and we urge those who are able to assist with clean up and donations to participate in the coming weeks anyway they can including donating to locations like Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, and the Rockaways.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Damsels in Design partnered with ClosetDash Shop–the ultimate clothing swap shop for women–to collect donated goods from our respective communities and networks. We are absolutely amazed and delighted by the donors who dropped off clothing, water, food, diapers, and supplies this weekend. Many of them came from Astoria, Harlem, and Brooklyn without adequate transportation to give back to those in need. We thank each and every one of you for taking the time to help others. All of the donations were distributed to relief centers in Red Hook and Staten Island late Sunday afternoon.

Damsels in Design is forever grateful for its exceptional community of members and neighbors. Thank you!

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