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Century of the Child Exhibit–A Private Tour with Damsels in Design

October 22, 2012

Damsels in Design started off its morning with a huge culture infusion! A group of 15 Damsels toured the “Century of the Child” Exhibition on the 6th floor gallery of the Museum of Modern Art with Assistant Curator of Architecture and Design, Aidan O’Connor. While we learned about many of the objects on display, Aidan focused the tour on how the exhibit was actually conceived and designed. Who knew there was an actual method of hanging wall labels a certain number of inches below a framed piece of art? Some of us had fun climbing on giant size furniture while others reminisced about our childhoods watching Pee-Wee Herman and playing with Barbie’s Dream House. For those of you who were unable to attend the tour, we highly recommend visiting before the show closes on November 5th.

Century of the Child Tour with Aidan O’Connor at The Museum of Modern Art
Member Elisabet Castillo with friend Cate.

Century of the Child Exhibition Tour with Aidan O’Connor at The Museum of Modern Art.                               Member Lauren Arnold sitting at the big kids table.


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