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Designing Women: See Wonder with Natalia Del Rivero

October 1, 2012

Natalia Del Rivero, Graphic Designer at C. Wonder

Interview by Jennifer Markas, Photography by Amy Lee

Natalia Del Rivero is a New York City based graphic designer and photographer who is currently designing for C. Wonder, the lifestyle and fashion company for women. Hailing from Madrid, by way of London, Natalia’s international background and adventures traveling to many parts of the world have led her to a number of opportunities including a teaching position at Parsons. We caught up with her on a walk with her adorable puppy, Chuchita, to learn what inspires her style and what drives her career.

DID: We’ve heard a bunch of the product you’ve designed for C.Wonder’s home accessories line will be coming out this holiday season–can you let us in on some secret goodies to watch out for? What’s trending right now? What is your favorite product to design?
While continuing my work on the marketing team, I was recently given the opportunity to design home product for this coming Holiday season, as well as a few things here and there this past Summer and present Fall. Some of my favorites are the polka dot cereal bowls, the monogram patterned mugs, gold and silver snowflake paper coasters (perfect for all those Christmas parties around the corner!), and the 50 chevron notecard set.  C. Wonder is the perfect gifting place, and this year there will be many goodies that make great stocking stuffers, as well as beautiful statement gifts. Look out for a lot of color and pattern…two of our favorite things at C. Wonder, that will make your Christmas an exciting and original one!

DID: What were you doing before you landed a position at C. Wonder? Why did you choose to become a graphic designer? Has your education played a big role in guiding your career, style, and industry involvement?
Before C. Wonder I freelanced at Kate Spade New York, taught a course in Humanitarian Design Theory at Parsons School of Design, and continued to work independently from home. My undergraduate studies trained me to be a skilled graphic designer, but did not actually have a defining role in guiding my career. My graduate studies in the History of Decorative Arts and Design served as a greater influence and will definitely guide me towards my final goal.

Natalia and her dachshund, Chuchita

DID: Have you adopted morning/evening rituals to help you get through the day? If so, which ones have had the greatest impact on your career?
NDR: My daily to-dos are usually many so my 7am pilates classes are an absolute must, as well as a morning walk with my dog Chuchita and a frothy cappuccino from Taralucci e Vino in Union Square. Overall, I just keep very organized…everything falls into place after that.

DID: Where does your motivation come from? What drives your passion? How do you measure success?
I measure success based on my personal goals. I’m not quite where I want to be, but I like to think I am on my way and every experience will contribute to the grand finale! Growing up around my mother’s beautiful interiors and her love for all things design (she’s an interior designer) is what has driven me and continues to lead my passion for good design. My motivation comes from my father and his hard-working nature.
 These two influences have a lasting impact in all that I do.

DID: What is your favorite design project that you have worked on at C. Wonder? What inspires your sense of style and aesthetic? What is the most fulfilling part of your job?
It’s almost impossible to choose one project…every piece I have worked on for this Holiday (2012) has been a treat in its own way. The most fulfilling part of my job is without a doubt the people I work with. Inspirational and admirable company in every which way. My travels, along with my love for  mid-century design, have impacted my style. Throw in a mix of urban and bohemian and we’ve pretty much covered the bases.

DID: If you could give one piece of advice to your 20 year-old self what would it be?
NDR: I should have chosen a broader variety of courses during my undergraduate studies and taken part in competitions…you don’t have much time to do these things later on in life.

DID: Name three skills that helped get you where you are today.
Time management. Keeping organized. Being adventurous.

DID: Who are your mentors?
There have been many influential people in my life who at different times gave me the best guidance anyone could ask for: My secondary school Headmaster Manolo Powell; my French literature professor Monsieur Piquemal; my university professor Gabriele Wilson; my close friend Patricio Silva and of course my parents and sister. I aspire to be just like my father…he has always set a leading example.

DID: If there is one thing you could change about the industry you’re in what would it be?
The almost permanent sense of urgency every piece of work has. I would love to see more creativity and originality come through by understanding the beauty of patience and time.

DID: How important was networking in landing your current position? Do you belong to any associations—how have they encouraged you and helped drive your career forward?
I have often found myself meeting the right people through internships and other diverse projects prior to my full-time career, which in turn placed me in the right place later on. I belong to Damsels in Design and the American Institute of Graphic Artists as they have encouraged me to meet new people and to learn from other people working in the broad field of design. And I remain a firm believer that the most interesting opportunities and people come into your life by chance.

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  1. Jake permalink
    October 1, 2012 4:40 pm

    Natalia is incredible. End of story. Legitimately incredible.

  2. October 5, 2012 5:19 pm


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