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Review of Opulent Vision @ fordPROJECT Gallery

January 26, 2012

by Julia L.

Fellow damsel Annika Connor tipped us off to an art opening last week
in which she exhibited her fine art paintings in a group show titled
“Opulent Vision” at fordPROJECT. All damsels are encouraged to visit
the fordPROJECT gallery located at 57 W 57th Street 19th floor
to take in this show. The exhibit is up through Feb 17, 2012.
Any damsels or other groups interested in a private tours of the
show with Annika Connor please contact

Below is a brief re-cap of the show noting the new-to-fordPROJECT artists:

Opulence is defined as having an abundance or plentiful amount of something and it is to be said that there is no shortage of opulence in any one of the pieces on view at fordPROJECTS “Opulent Vision” group exhibition.

Each piece on it’s own is rich in meaning, symbolism and medium. Together, the pieces interact with each other playing off of their parallels and their opposing differences, which in turn,
bring them even closer together.

Upon entering the amazing loft-like gallery space of fordPROJECT,
which is housed in a midtown office-like building, an assortment of
works greet you and help navigate you through around the floor.
“Opulent Vision” is a collection of works by artists that have been
part of fordPROJECT’s first year, and those that are showing there for
the first time. Let’s discuss the new artists pieces.

In the left hand corner of your eye you can’t help but become
immediately drawn to the colorful ornate watercolor paintings of
interiors by Annika Connor. Each of her pieces transports the viewer
to a world of decadence and opulence through their dream like colors
and compositions.

Immediately around the corner from Ms. Connor’s
works are the multi-layered pieces of Kristen Schiele.

Multi in the sense of dimension and media, as two dimensional works hint at three dimensional spaces, and vice versa. Not too far away are the eerily
historical-alluding paintings of Veronica Smirnoff. Drawing from many eras for visual sources, the objects represented in the pieces seem transfixed in time.

Other pieces in the show are by Lisha Bai, Alessandro Belgiojoso, Jack Early, Kent Henricksen, Naama Tsabar.All photos by Sandra Hamburg.Julia is a member and great supporter of Damsels in Design. She is the co-founder of 4eCreative and covers art and cultural events around town including those hosted by ActiveIdeas Productions. Say hello to Julia at the next Damsels event or happy hour–she would love to meet you!
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