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The Art of Writing Thank You Notes

September 9, 2011

by Elisabet Castillo

When was the last time you sent someone a thank you note? In this fast-paced tech world, we are so caught up with our laptops, blackberries…always looking for an immediate response, that we sometimes forget the powerful act of sending snail mail. Yes, mail that actually takes a few days to receive!

As a shop manager who works closely with indie designers, entrepreneurs, and media, I take great care in thanking the people I work with. By the same token, those who have gone the extra step, have really made a lasting impression on us.

As you’re out and about making connections and meeting others creatives, don’t forget to follow up! Set a goal this week to hand-write a note to a prospective client, recent interviewer, or simply someone who inspires you.

Cheers to making lasting impressions!

Here are my top five thank you cards:

“You Rule“ by Snow & Graham
              “Garden Thank You” by Rifle Paper Co.
“Thank you THIS much” by Chewing the Cud
“Umbrella Thank You” by Paper Parasol
                              “Pencil Notecard” set

Click HERE to purchase any of these beautiful thank you cards, or visit Elisabet
at Pink Olive Boutique located at 439 East 9th Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Elisabet Castillo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising Management from FIT. She is the shop manager at Pink Olive Boutique and is head of their VIP Gift Concierge Program. Pink Olive is a whimsical boutique created to inspire giving and beautiful living.

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